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The Butterfly EffectPart 2: A dish or recipeCook ExpressI touched on this the other day, so it's fresh in my mind. Back in the lofty, boomy days of the late '90s, the explosive expansion of the Internet was like a [Read More]

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The Butterfly EffectPart 3: A mealFrench Laundry A few years ago, well before Thomas Keller expanded his influence to New York, we received a pleasant surprise in our email inboxes one day. The subject line was, Mr Keller requests the [Read More]

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The Butterfly EffectPart 6: A person in your lifeDPaul Brown I have to confess that I sort of struggled with this one. My mind wandered through some of the usual suspects, like my mother, who of course nourished me throughout [Read More]

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